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Wednesday, 20/02/2019 | 05:36 GMT

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Awarded first medal and third – place for Tennis and badminton – VINAINCON sport tournament 2013

Post time: 23/01/2014 11:27

In September 13th 2013, Viet Nam Industry Corporation (VINAINCON) held a sport tournament including Tennis and Badminton with participation of athletes from subsidiary companies. After qualification process, the two excellent couples were chosen to play against in September 14th 2013

Miss Luong Thanh Thuy from ICIC won over other players in qualification process to play in semi-final and won third-place for Badminton (women single)

“Perfect couple” Vo Kien Giang and Tran Hoang Nguyen excellently took first place and honorably awarded first medal for Tennis 
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