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* ICIC, which predecessor was Construction and Erection Company under Ministry of Light Industry, has been established in 19/06/1968 according to Regulation No. 767/CNN-TCCB and being more than 40 years growth and development longevity.
In 2003, to follow up equitisation policy released by the State to be in conversation from state-owed enterprise into public limited company with the name of Industrial Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (abbreviated ICIC) under Regulation ref. 218/2003/QĐ-BCN dated 16/12/2008 of Ministry of Industry.
* ICIC begun running its business operation as Joint Stock Company in 2004 and raised 300 billion VND of its yearly revenue. ICIC’s leaders and management board with their smart and daring decision, enthusiastic engineers and personnel, skilled workers united to create a great strength to help ICIC awarding bids consecutively and construct many significant and large scale projects in following years. In 2011, after 7 years implementing equitisation, ICIC raised a revenue of 600 billion VND and its stock code is ICI.
Our company history can be briefed as follow:
In June 19th 1968, Construction and Erection Co. under Ministry of Light Industry has been established under Regulation ref. 767/CNN.TCCB
Following to Regulation ref. 556/CNN/TCLĐ dated 13/11/1990, Organization and Operation System had been stabilized and solidified in conformity with Market Economy with running divisions under management of the Heads and functional Departments
In May 07th 1993, No.1 Light Industrial Construction Co. which was ICIC’s predecessor, had been established under Regulation ref. 463/CNN/TCLD with VND 1.137.816 millions of total capital
In April 28th 2002, changing to No.1 Construction Co., directly under Viet Nam Industrial Construction Company according to Regulation ref.832/QĐ-TCCB, Ministry of Industry
In December 16th 2003, equitizing under Regulation ref 218/2003/QĐ – BCN with initial charter capital of 10 billions VND
In August, 2007, Its charter capital had been raised up to 12 billion VND
In September 2007, ICIC charter capital had been raised up to 20 billion VND
In October 2009, An amount of 1,000,000 shares had been launched to available shareholders, raised its capital up to 30 billion VND
In December 2010, An amount of 1,000,000 shares had been launched to available shareholders, raised its capital up to 40 billion VND
Our Vision and Orientation
Our vision is mobilization and utilization source of capital effectively to develop business activities which aiming to maximize profit and ensure actual right of possession for shareholders.  Creating sustainable working environment for employees, contributing to State budget and for the sake of widening and strengthening company more intensively and vigorously
Mid and long –term development strategy:
Apart from ultimate erection and construction activities, ICIC has been currently speeding up investment activities and enhancing business capacity of its own to take bidding more valuable and large-scale international projects, intensifying activities of manufacturing materials for internal use, developing investment in apartments, real estate and industrial zone infrastructures. Our orientation is to concentrate on financial investment and to have intensive cooperation with other partners.
The guideline of ICIC leaders and management board is to maintain and develop company achievement effectively, promote ICIC trademark in the market, keep renewing and innovating business procedures, accomplish objectives stated in Shareholder’s Meeting Regulation in 2013, seek optimum method for manufacturing business plan in 2013 and other next years. For the sake of fulfilling objectives, the company needs to take action following tasks:
- Flexibly put valuable experiences learned through 45 years establishment and development in selection way into practice. 

- Preserve and promote unity among company’s management board, personnel and workers, enforce their discipline compliance, help together in working to surmount difficulty and challenge, increase construction organization capability and management competence conformity with ISO 9001 – 2008
-          Build up business culture which is founded for sustainable development of ICIC
-      Keep improving material life and spiritual life for ICIC’s employees, promote remaining resource among personnel and workers to stimulate our sustainable development
-          Consolidate and promote ICIC trademark in the market.
-       Invest and develop company’s equipment, machinery and facilities, apply up-to-date method statements, considerably concern to engage human resource being competent, qualified, passionate and enthusiastic in working and studying. This point is considered as a key strategy for ICIC development in future. 
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