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Saturday, 24/08/2019 | 11:51 GMT

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To harmonize with economy - society general development, ICIC being a construction company has been aware of national infrastructure development demand in real estate to expand our business to this new challenge. The Real Estate Business has been concentrating since 10 years, mainly on apartment and office building. 

Our real estate business has run operation basically into 2 forms:

- Direct Investment: ICIC is the Owner taking responsibility of setting up a PMU and directly expediting the Project, such as Project of Complex of Residences and Office, Supermarket located on Ta Thanh Oai Ward, Thanh Tri District, Ha Noi.

        According to master plan, the Complex features offices, supermarket and residences on a 25 floors tower ( not comprised of technical area and 2 basement that is located on an area of 6100m2) which is situated on a rapid urbanized areas and surrounded by other towers and buildings. The first and the second floor feature the lobby and commercial area, the third and the forth floor are designed for offices leases, the residence areas from 5th to 25th floors, the technical area are combined with landscape and public entertainment facilities. Total Capital of this project is 286 billion VND in which borrowed fund is complied with project schedule. If it's properly scheduled and there are no any fluctuation in Real Estate Market, with an area of 32,200m2 and 10,000,000 VND/m2 minimum price for sale, revenue is planned approximately 322 billion VND and 35,5 billion VND profit.

- To corporate with landowner running execution project: such as Project of Agribank Employees Apartment at Cau Giay District had been in hand-over phase, The complex of Offices and Residences Resettlement Project at 30B, Doan Thi Diem Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi completed Investment Report and scheduled to commence at quarter 4, 2010.

     Accordingly, ICIC was authorized by Agribank to be the Owner of Project of Agribank Employees Apartment featuring 4 floored buildings with garden surrounding and two apartments with 9 floors. This was completed hand-over work in 2009 and currently doing final - balance work for the record.

       The complex of Offices and Residences Resettlement at 30B Doan Thi Diem was authorized to ICIC being the Owner of Project by Metallurgy Science and Technology Institution. The total capital of project was approximately 160 billion VND, scheduled implementation within 3 years, from quarter 4 in 2010 to the end of quarter 4 in 2013.  

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