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·       Supervise and implement construction work of Infrastructure, Irrigation, Installation and completion construction equipments
·       Supervise implementation and to complete construction work of road
·       Mediate real estate
·       Appraise real estate 
·       Operate real estate transaction
·       Conduct survey of terrain and hydrological geology
·       Design construction works of technology
·       Design transportation works
·       Design irrigation works
·       Consult and make up investment project, technological and economic report of civil works, industrial works, traffic works, irrigation works, and infrastructure works
·       Consult bidding and managing investment projects (not including law and finance consultancy)
·       Advise verification of investment and technology projects, to estimate and balance cost of construction works
·       Do testing for materials and structure components
·       Manufacture steel structure providing to civil and industrial construction works
·       Supervise and consult quality of construction works
·       Design and plan interior and exterior architecture layout for civil and industrial construction works
·       Make survey member design for civil and industrial construction works
·       Carry out Investment Consultancy
·       Manufacture materials, mechanic structural components for industrial and civil construction works
·       House leasing and selling, Industrial zone infrastructure
·       Construction and Erection civil works, industrial works and infrastructures to group A, work of Irrigation and Road, cable line and electrical substation
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