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Wednesday, 20/02/2019 | 05:38 GMT

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Summary Conference for Business and Manufacture Performance, Trade Union and Personnel Labour Movement of the year 2013, Plan of the year 2014.

Post time: 23/01/2014 11:28

In the morning of January 18th 2014, ICIC held a summary conference for the performance of business and manufacture, Trade Union and Personnel Labour of the year 2013, launching plan of the year 2014 at Conference Hall of the company.

 The Conference chaired by Mr. Dam Xuan Vu, Party Committee Secretary – Chairman of the Board; Mr Tran Gia Hung, Vice Secretary of Party Committee – General Director, Mr. Dinh Van Vien, Chairman of Trade Union – Deputy General Director. 

Mr. Tran Gia Hung, on behalf of the Management Board, reported a summary of ICIC’s business and manufacture performance in 2013 and plan for the next year 2014. The report indicated briefly completed and on-going works, also outstanding remains and difficulty that ICIC must face to in the next coming year, such some aspects like: Investment Market, Technical Plan, Account and Finance, Administration and Human Resource, Labour Safety – Environment Sanitary – Fire Protection and Resistance, and other activities ..v..v… Mr. Dinh Van Vien made a report for Trade Union activities in 2013 and a plan in 2014. After 2 speeches, the delegates positively discussed and contributed their ideas for setting up a guideline of business and manufacture performance in 2014.

 In the conference, Mr. Ngo Xuan Thuan, on behalf of Award and Contest Committee of ICIC, stated a decision for awarding individual employees, enterprises and subsidiaries which had excellent performance in 2013, encouraged all ICIC personnel to continuously devote themselves for working and accomplishing their responsibility in the next coming year.   

To conclude the conference, Mr. Tran Gia Hung briefly praised and recognized the achievements accomplished in 2013 in a scene of frozen real estate and construction facing to difficulty and challenge in this year. That is completing about 20 large and medium sized projects, attaining overlapped works for the next year with total value above 450 billion VND, expanding new potential markets like Southwest of Viet Nam, Department of Taxation and State Treasury …v…v…Also Mr. Hung stated remaining tasks that all ICIC personnel to take responsibility such as outstanding works, enforcing reclaim bonds and debts, speeding up final payment of priority projects. The guideline for business and manufacture performance of ICIC in 2014 are "proper orientation – good will communication – effective management" 

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